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Funny tee.  Yip yip yip yip…

We’re all familiar with the Martians from Sesame Street, right? 

In this parody shirt, we see that they must really be Great Old Ones, with their writhing tentacles, or Outsiders from beyond the black void of space, such as HP Lovecraft told of in his writings, or maybe they’re the first wave of the Martian invasion of Earth, as told by HG Wells.

This shirt is for fans of Muppets, Cthulhu, Martians, the imminent invasion of Earth by all manner of kaiju, like Godzilla, as told by the Japanese, and people who are baffled by rotary phones.

 Artist:  Aaron Williams

Screen printed on a Carolina Light Blue 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.

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Reviews (2)

Matt Dierker 3rd Oct 2016

gotta love the classics.

Remember those wonderful days as a child when your dreams of world domination were just at the take over the local block? This will bring back those feelings. Now go ,laugh maniacally, and grab one of these shirts!

Chrystoph 10th May 2014

Awesome wit!

I love this shirt! The combination of references is amazing. Unfortunately, most of them are so dated that I have ended up having to explain it to most of the people that see it.

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