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White Kitsune Ladies V-Neck

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Kitsune are fox spirits from Japanese folklore which can be helpful or mischievous or even malicious.  The more tails the kitsune has the older, wiser, and more powerful it is.  The most powerful have nine tails and are white instead of the usual reddish-orange coloration of a fox.  Kitsune have been depicted in plays, anime, manga, video games, and fantasy books.


A shirt for anyone interested in Japanese folklore/culture, Naruto, games, anime & manga or books.



Artist: Ray VanTilburg

Check out the unisex version here: White Kitsune T-Shirt

Screen Printed on a Black 100% LAT V-Neck T-Shirt, in the USA.






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Rubye A O'Neil 10th Feb 2021

White Kitsune shirt

My daughter loves the shirt

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