Time Travel T-Shirt

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Funny tee. 

What do we want?  Time Travel!  When do we want it? Irrelevant!

This design incorporates two sorts of time machine, the Star Gate and the Tardis. Like to travel through the time/space continuum, worm holes, a time vortex? Want to go back to the future? All that’s missing is Doc Brown’s DeLorean.  For sci-fi fans, science fiction geeks, Star Gate fans, Doctor Who fans.

Find the Ladies v-neck version here:  Time Travel Ladies v-neck 

Artist: Ray VanTilburg

Screen printed on a Navy Blue 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.


Reviews (3)

16th Dec 2016

Even better in person!

I just got this shirt in, and it's seriously even better in person. I love the quality of these shirts! I'll definitely be back of Christmas gifts next year!

13th Dec 2013

Dr Whovian reply.

Nice seeing a Tardis on Rays' awoo for the first time. It was a "must have" for me.

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