Phoenix Tie Dye T-Shirt

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Rising from the ashes, it’s the Phoenix on a flaming yellow and red tie-dye shirt. A symbol of rebirth in many traditions, a phoenix was also the familiar of Albus Dumbledore, in the Harry Potter series.

Many people identify with the spirit energy of the phoenix.


Artist:  Ray VanTilburg                

Printed on Red & Yellow 100% Cotton Tie Dye T-Shirt, in the USA




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BJ Barrett 18th Aug 2020

Phoenix tie dye shirt

We have used the Phoenix as our group symbol since 1982. One of our members bought this shirt the first year sold by Off World at DragonCon in Atlanta GA in 1996. When she went to DragonCon the next year we all sent money with her to supply our group with matching shirts. As our group added members each year we each received a Phoenix shirt. The background tie dye was a light yellow in the first years and then changed to the current viviid dark reds and oranges. However the Phoenix design exploding out of the fiery background has stayed the same as on the original. The quality of the shirt, the stability of the tie dye colors and the vibrance of the Phoenix is of the highest quality. They are preshrunk and the dyes professionally preset so you can throw them into the washer on warm setting then into the dryer without worrying about fading or shrinking. I still wear my original yellow background and newer orange-red background alternately.. This is the BEST Phoenix shirt out there, worn with pride by members of our group for 24 years.

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