OffWorld Designs Dragon Est. 1984 T-shirt

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Support your favorite t-shirt company, OffWorld Designs, with your official OffWorld gear!

Artwork by Ray VanTilburg.

Screen printed on 100% Cotton medium blue t-shirt, in the USA.


OffWorld Designs, a business founded on geek values, was started up way back in 1984.

Barb and Ray VanTilburg (owner/operators) first met at a small science fiction convention in the Chicago area, and that's when the adventure began. They've been making t-shirts together ever since.

What used to be an "air-brushed over a one color print" operation, has grown into a full color screen printing endeavor.

Over twenty years later, they're still traveling around the country to various sci-fi cons, comicons, anime cons, and furry cons, selling their shirts. 

The t-shirts screen printed and sold by OffWorld Designs run the gamut of genre fandom, from science fiction and fantasy, to nerdy witticisms, to HP Lovecraft, to Anime, to comic books and cartoons, and into the realms of board games, video games, and roleplaying games.

And one can't mention the name of Ray VanTilburg without speaking to his love of dragons, a love he shares with his wife, Barb.

Dragons festoon the office at our HQ in Sandwich, Illinois.



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