Your Opinions Matter Here

Has it been 30 years? Well, Fandom … as they say … “You ain’t seen nothing yet!

In celebration of 30 years producing the Best T-shirts in Fandom, OffWorld Designs is expanding our horizons and putting our best designs onto other products: Pins, hats, mugs and more.

Our continuing hot seller, “Not Flat”, is still orbiting the warehouse. Fans made it fly off the shelves as a T-shirt and we received many requests for it on more items. WE HEARD YOU! Want to wear it big: T-shirt! Want to wear it small: Pin! Need a reminder in the morning: Hoodie? Yeah! Backpack? Yeah! Polo? Yeah! Up top? Cap, yeah!!!!

Here’s the full run-down, Order one today!

What’ll it be next? We want your feedback! Tell us which of our amazing designs you want to see on a pin. Post a

picture of your favorite OffWorld Designs with the words “Pin It, Danno!” … and remember to tag us on our social

channels so we can see your pick!

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We do it all for our fans, so share your collective wisdom!