Privateer Press Feora & Thagrosh T-Shirts Now Available!

Privateer Press is pleased to honor Feora’s Scorched Earth Tour with a commemorative T-shirt, a callback to the Protectorate’s hottest crusade in Menoth’s name yet. So hot that some of the bodies are still burning. Still, Feora herself is already planning a reunion tour that will undoubtedly make these retro T-shirts a sizzling deal. Don’t get burned by the blazing awesomeness of Menoth’s Fury! Pick up your Scorched Earth shirt today!*

*Note: Feora’s Scorched Earth Tour shirts do not provide any protection against actual Menoth’s Fury or the flames of His righteous vengeance.

Prophet, Messiah, Vessel of Everblight. Thagrosh has come to bring the roar of the dragon to your puny mortal ears!

Show your loyalty to the dragon of thrash by proudly displaying Thagrosh, the Messiah of Everblight across your chest. Make them all tremble in fear when they look upon the prophet’s burning gaze, and know that you will receive Everblight’s blighted blessings for your obedience. Bone spurs and blighted blood not included.

Enter here for your chance to win your very own pair of Privateer Press T-Shirts!

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