New Wonder Woman Movie Delivers

The new “Wonder Woman” had a big challenge laid out before it: Create a current rendition of a female super hero best known from on-screen campy ‘70s flicks and from cartoons on the 1980s show “Super Friends.” With so many Marvel and DC movies hitting us nearly monthly the film will have strong competition at the box office.
OffWorld Designs identifies with female characters having a predominately girl staff and having been co-started by Barbara VanTilburg with much help from her artist husband Ray VanTilburg. Women define much of our fanbase and inspires us to come up with shirt ideas like “Strong Female Character” and “Nerf This”. We were thrilled when Wonder Woman received such great reviews, and are happy to jump in and say that director Patty Jenkins really came through. From acting, action, visuals and music, the movie delivered on every level. We loved it!
Casting is pretty on-point. Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Gadot is one of the best superhero castings ever—up there with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Christopher Reeve as Superman. Pine is also strong. He is hilarious in the film and plays off of Gadot perfectly.
The action sequences are superb with lots of slo-mo that shows off creative costuming and staging. In all, brilliant choreography.
The film is shot sensitively and settings are sensually colored. It’s easily the best looking film in the DC Extended Universe, and that is saying a ton, because the other films, like Batman and Superman, are impressive competitors. The island that Diana is from might need to be captured in a new Ray VanTilburg design. They handle the amazonian aspect well—it seemed like a perfect place for a new OffWorld Designs studio.
The story line is what we liked the best—none of it seemed rushed. There was time devoted to small moments that wouldn’t usually be in a DCEU Film. Look for the one deeper scenes where Diana and Steve are the a boat talking about humanity. It’s a fave scene—extremely well-written.
Wonder Woman is surprisingly funny. Chris Pine does a really good job delivering his lines, eliciting laughter from many of his comedic scenes. Not to be outdone, Gadot is also surprisingly funny—not purposely funny, with comedic lines, but in ways that showcase the human condition in ways that we can all relate to. The storyline—where Wonder Woman ventures to the outside world and discovers new things is something that strong female characters the world over will appreciate.
Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams was a new component in this DC film after Hans Zimmer’s retirement. He carried over the Wonder Woman theme from “Batman v Superman,” and made it work in this movie.
How the box office reacts remains to be seen, but it’s clear that time and attention was put into “Wonder Woman” on all these areas, and it paid off for us. Meanwhile, at OffWorld, we’ll keep the ideas with empowering female messages like “I Got This” and ”Can Do Science” coming. Have an idea of your own? Submit your idea in our new “Submit Your Idea” section of our website.