It's All About the 20's

While the historic uses of the D20 die can be traced back to Roman times, its common use in tabletop gaming began in 1974 when a Wisconsin man decided to incorporate the 20-sided die into his new role-playing game: Dungeons & Dragons.

This man was Gary Gygax and his decision to add the 20-sided die into his ground-breaking game forever changed the importance it carried. More than 2,000 years after the Romans used them in games of chance, the D20 is still rolling along – dealing out victory and anguish with equal measure.

In these modern times, every roll your character makes rely on the fickle D20 to land that devastating fatal strike on your opponent or fall short and with a low soft roll, leaving your character being disemboweled by the side of the path.

Few words can accurately describe how important the D20 is to the world of tabletop gaming and the quick turns of fortune it can bring to your character, but one thing that can be said is that the D20 has landed a critical hit on all of our hearts.

All hail (or curse) the mighty D20.

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