​Confessions of a Nerdy OffWorld T-Shirt Artist

Hah. Caught you with the catch headline! I confess to nothing, fools.

Just like those Klingons, neither do I relent, repent or abstain. So

my SuperFriends over OffWorld Designs asked me if I would

write some blog for their site, so I thought it would be keen to dork

at you for a few paragraphs and see what sticks. They like it when I

bring the snark, and I am Snarknado - Parts 1 thru 5.

So I did some research online to see what this here interwebs blogmospherin’

was all about, and gotta say wow. Mostly I saw a lot of pissing and moaning

about politics and generation gaps. Wow, that’s new and different. Sorry, your

head trips are boring me. Instead, I’m going to interject some positivity and yax

about things I actually like. C’mon. Try it! It’s the  Holidays!

I remember walking up on a recent conversation with 3 of my buddies

who were talking about a film or something. As I walked up, one friend

says: “Let’s ask Bradley what he thought of that flick.” Another says,

eyes rolling: “Don’t ask him - he likes everything.”

Well that about sums it up, and sorry not sorry. I am unabashedly geek.

Always have been. More geek the verb than geek the noun.  Geek to English Translator if you will.

I geek over things, which to me means getting genuinely excited about things. Movies,

books, games, food, music, games, anime, girls, sports, toys, games - you name it.

(Who keeps saying games?) My geekness is about excitement, the thrills,

the chills, with no apologies. When a girlfriend breaks up with you

because you watch  cartoons, hell yes, you have arrived.

If ya didn’t like me then, gonna hate me now. I Like Movies, completely

random. I liked Avatar. I like Shatner’s cheesy smarm. I like Gojira movies

where people get drawn up into flaming fireballs and shit. I like Michael Myers’

quiet gentle charm. I like Ben Affleck as the Bat. Was I the only one who liked

Sucker Punch? I liked Prometheus. I like poorly edited Shaw Brothers Kung

Fu flicks where the voicetrack is off by a half a sentence. I liked Suicide Squad.

I like PowerPuff Girls. I like Regan’s backward crabwalk down the stairs.

I like talking apes on horseback with big-ass spears. I like Spaghetti Westerns.

I like deadly Japanese school girls. Oh yeah - covered in someone else’s blood.

I like the dinner table scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, while eating dinner.

I like Previews of Coming Attractions. And I like sitting at the theater reading

the credits after everyone leaves.

Did I nauseate you by saying like too many times? Good. Wretch Away.

My nerdiness is a bright spot. Just as you have yours in there somewhere.

Don’t be afraid to like. There ya go. And of course, a geek has to have t-shirts.

Lots and lots of shirts. OffWorld Designs shirts! Go to  OffWorlddesigns.com

and buy one for your geek today. Happy Holidays and Have a Nerdy New Year! 

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