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Miskatonic University Black Engineer Bag

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The seal of Miskatonic University, in Arkham, MA. Embroidered on the front.

It includes the school slogan, “Deliritas est Doctrina”. The Elder Sign is resplendent over an open book, which can only be the dread Necronomicon, written by the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. Laurels wreath the book, the date of the founding of the school, in 1690, and a skull.

A must have for fans of the writings of HP Lovecraft, Weird Tales, Call of Cthulhu, Elder Scrolls, Elder Sign, Miskatonic University, Arkham Horror, horror fiction, science fiction, At the Mountains of Madness, The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Dunwich Horror, and the list goes on and on in my head, stretching to black infinity.


Artist:  Ray VanTilburg

Miskatonic University, from the Cthulhu Mythos by H. P. Lovecraft

Canvas M-51 Engineers Field Bag is the ultimate carry-all for business or travel. It features a large laptop size main compartment, numerous pouches, compartments and pen holders, document sleeve, storm flap, cell phone pouch and top carry handle.

Approximate bag dimensions 15" tall by 14" wide by 5" deep.

Black with yellow embroidery,which is done in the USA.


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Jason 18th Aug 2015

A Maddeningly Good Bag

I've had a few messenger bags and they were always a bit bulky. This engineer's satchel fits my needs much better. The build quality is also excellent, with one minor nitpick: the clasps that attach the strap to the bag don't swivel and so now and again you have to untwist the strap rather than it being able to untwist itself.

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