Liaden Universe I Dare Long Sleeve Tee

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Liaden Universe I Dare - Long Sleeve on a Black 100% cotton ringspun t-shirt

Readers of the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller know that the logo for Clan Korval is the Tree-and-Dragon, and their motto is I DARE.  It's a motto that not only fits Korval, who, as a clan is no stranger to risky business -- but it fits all of us in these days.  In fact, we all dare, whether we're an essential worker, or sheltering in place, a caregiver, or just making it through one day at a time.  This particular issue of the classic tree-and-dragon design is dedicated in particular to those who have survived breast cancer, but its message is broader than that.  Wear the shirt because you're a Liaden reader; wear it because you're a fighter; wear it because YOU DARE. 
Full disclosure:  This edition of the shirt is the brainchild of Liaden author Sharon Lee, who is beginning radiation for breast cancer.



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