League of Mad Scientists T-Shirt

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League of Mad Scientists, Knowledge is Power.

Astrophysicist? Quantum Mechanics theorist? Molecular biologist? Any other sort of –ist? This is for you. 

For the mad scientist in your life, whether it’s chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, or a combination of any of them. 


Liquid in the erlenmeyer flask Glows in the dark!


Artist:  Ray VanTilburg

Printed on Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA


Reviews (2)

André Esteves 17th Jul 2015


Excellent tissue quality. Excellent printing and theme.. i think i will start a league of mad scientists because the shirt is already beyond awesome!!!

24th Sep 2014

It's a bomber, it's a bomber

Good quality, cool design, what's not to like. In the words of Johnny Ramone "I don't want to grow up" or whatever Ramone it was.

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