Kitty Cat Library T-Shirt

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Two cats, a Siamese, a Calico, sit in a library, perched on books.

All the books look old and leather-bound. The cats wear jeweled collars.

A must have for lovers of cats, books, reading, fantasy fiction, fanfic, quill pens, literature, 1st editions, magic, mystery, The Cat Who series.


Artist:  Theresa Mather

Screen printed on a Red 100% Cotton T-shirt, in the USA.


Reviews (3)

Yvonne Glitch 21st Feb 2021

All my tees from "OffWorld Designs" have been GREAT!

I have never been disappointed with the "OffWorld Designs" tees. Perfect screens and wonderful subjects! Just figure out your size and you are all set. Good quality and fit. Thanks

Heather 31st Dec 2013

A Nice Shirt

My mom is a huge cat fan, and since she started playing D&D with us, I've been looking for a shirt that had both fantasy elements as well as felines. This shirt was a great Christmas gift. I like the wine-red color of the material. My only problem was that the image on the shirt is a little small. I would have liked it to have dominated more of the front of the shirt. Aside from that, very nice!

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