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Kilt is not Consent T-Shirt

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Just because I'm wearing a kilt doesn't give you license to see if I'm wearing anything underneath it.

Over the last couple years, social media has lit up with the Cosplay is not Consent issue, wherein people have shared their experiences at sci-fi, fantasy, media, anime, and comicons.

These are the people who dress in costumes, usually portraying their favorite characters in the various fannish media, books, movies, anime, tv series, etc, and when they attend the conventions, they are preyed upon by people who feel that because the cosplayers are wearing clothing that may be revealing, it gives complete strangers the right to come up and say rude things, grope them, take pictures from unseemly angles, and generally make the cosplayers feel uncomfortable.

"Kilt is not Consent" is a t-shirt design that is a direct result of people who wear kilts at conventions and festivals, running across the same sort of people who think it's okay to say rude things, or lift up a stranger's kilt in public to see if they're really going regimental (wearing nothing under the kilt), or take camera phone pics from unseemly angles.

There are plenty of Cosplay is not Consent shirts out there, and this is our contribution to the cause.

Artist: Cathy Wappel, idea from Chris Dundon

Printed on Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.

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Henry 2nd Feb 2021

Great shirt for events

I own six kilts. I go to many different kinds of events. Some women need to know what this shirt says.

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