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This leaf covered face, in which the leaves become beard, hair, and facial features, manifests as what many people call a Green Man.

Green Men are frequently found in carvings on both secular and religious buildings. "The Green Man" has various interpretations, and often appears on inn signs, which sometimes show a full figure rather than just the head.

Found in many cultures from many ages around the world, the Green Man is often related to nature deities. It is primarily interpreted as a symbol of the cycle of growth each spring. Some speculate that the idea of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history.

 Artist:  Ray VanTilburg

Screen printed on a Forest Green 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.

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Reviews (3)

jeff Koneck 7th Apr 2016

Green Man Lives!

Awesome design and quality of print. The gold edges that highlight the leaves make it a great shirt that always brings on comments!

18th Nov 2014

ah, the greenman

great t-shirt.

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