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Girl Genius Tea Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt

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The English say that a spot of tea keeps thing civilized. After a hard day shooting enemy mechs, a cup of tea is just the thing to settle your nerves and allow you to relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Alternatively, it is the perfect beverage of choice to enjoy while reading the Girl Genius comic or for powering your Infinite Improbability Drive.


This funny shirt is perfect for the Girl Genius fan in your life or anyone who enjoys gaslamp fantasy/steampunk.


Find the Unisex version here: Girl Genius Tea T-Shirt

Artist: Studio Foglio

Screen printed on Navy LAT Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt, in the USA.





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26th Jul 2016

Very nice

Quite a good shirt, colour is a bit darker than advertised but I prefer that so I didn't really mind. It fits fairly well, it's just t-shirt so it doesn't exactly need to hug every curve. I'd probably complain if it did to be honest. I can't quite speak for the longevity, I only got it a few days ago, but I'm in a bit of a laundry slump right now, so I haven't taken it off since and it seems fairly durable. I'd definitely recommend it, perfect for mad scientists and tea aficionados everywhere.

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