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Girl Genius Steam Horse Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt

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It’s Phil and Kaja Foglio’s intrepid girl genius, Agatha Clay Heterodyne, astride what can only be one of her creations, a steam powered horse. Steampunk, Gaslamp Fantasy, science fiction, romance, magic.

Artist: Studio Foglio

Find the Unisex version here: Girl Genius Steam Horse T-Shirt

Screen printed on a Black LAT- Ladies Short Sleeve V-neck T-shirt, in the USA.

Our LAT brand ladies' shirts are generous in size, to fit women of ample figure.



Reviews (2)

Carrie 6th Mar 2015

Finally, an accurate size!

I ordered the Girl Genius steam horse ladies V-neck T and I am truly impressed! Too often specialty T-Shirts are made by some company like American Apparel which are about 2 sizes off, (unless they are really junior miss sizes but no one told the vendors). On the basis of the companies' statement the their ladies shirts are a generous size, I ordered my usual ladies XL and it fits perfectly! I have found that Europe is more likely to have a 'girly' shirt style like this, which is what fitted ladies shirts are called there. What a nice surprise to find one here. I am tired of huge so called unisex shirts which are really just men's shirts. How nice to find a company that values female customers too. The quality of the shirt is excellent - the material is not thin at all like cheaper shirts. The quality of the screen print of Agatha on her steam horse is outstanding. The only reason I gave the shirt a 4 instead of a 5 is that I have not washed it yet, so I do not know how well the print will stand up. The graphic seems quite flexible, but I will probably hand wash it inside out just to be safe. I want it to last a long time!

Ronald Austin 6th Mar 2015

Great shirt

The girl genius art is great . I will look forward to more in this vein

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