Gen Con 2020 Pin

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Gen Con 2020 Collector Pin featuring Genevieve.


Quality lapel pin, 1.5 in" at widest point.  Single-clasp back.


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Reviews (2)

Anthony Barnes 24th Aug 2020

Love having a new pin each year!

Just as usual, this is a high quality pin and I'm glad it clearly displays the year for each.

Justin 17th Aug 2020

A souvenir from a disastrous year.

I "attended" Gen Con 2020 online, as did all attendees. As the Gen Con 2020 "Spirit" Badges sold out pretty fast, I purchased a 2020 Lapel pin, instead. The enamel is properly applied and the backing is firm, so five stars. I hope I can show this off to all the attendees *in person* at Gen Con 2021.

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