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Fools I Will Destroy You! T-Shirt

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Funny tee.

 Fools! I will destroy you all! …ask me how!


What every super villain wants you to ask, before they kill you. They have to monologue, after all. A famous quote from Phil and Kaja Foglio’s fabulous Girl Genius web comic, for those interested in steampunk, gaslamp fantasy, Agatha Heterodyne,

comic books, science, mad scientists, and magic.


Artist:  Studio Foglio
Screen printed on a Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.


Reviews (3)

25th Aug 2016

world domination, soon!

My enemy's shudder in fear!

The Mad Genius! 18th Apr 2016

The fools actually asked me how!!!

Prime shirt for a homicidal mad genius! Normally when I go to destroy people they cower and make it really hard to properly explain how I'm going to end their miserable existence. NO MORE! With this shirt they ask me how I will be ending them. Some even appreciate the evil genius behind it. They is truly a shirt to be reckoned with and any mad genius with a SUPER death ray should have one! Oh and it's soft.

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