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Beautifully illustrated artwork from Theresa Mather.


A three-masted tall ship at full sail, possibly a galleon, surrounded by rough seas, roiling clouds, and dragons. Dragons in the water, dragons in the air, and a dragon on the figurehead. For lovers of dragons, fantasy fiction, monsters, ships, sailing ships, tall ships, the navy, D&D, sea elves, mermaids, fishing, deep sea fishing, the ocean, oceanography, the Spanish Armada, and naval history.


Artist:  Theresa Mather

Printed on Indigo Blue 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA


Reviews (2)

Mtntyme 2nd Jan 2014

Great Quality Shirt & Imaginative Design

I recently got this shirt for my OBX brother both because of the dragons and because the ship looks so much like his Queen Anne's Revenge tattoo. He loves it!

Alisa 28th May 2013

Beautiful image!

The idea of these little dragons escorting the sailing ship like airborne dolphins just tickles my fancy, Thank you, Offworld and Theresa, for adding whimsy to the world.

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