Deadly Kitty T-Shirt

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Hello Deadpool!
Fans of everyone's favorite Marvel anti-hero will love this shirt, especially the ones who also love Hello Kitty (and who doesn't?). This parody shirt brings the devious Deadpool and the cute Kitty together in one devastatingly cute character.
Anyone who loves comic books, Marvel, pop culture, Chibi art, Superheroes, Hello Kitty, Cosplay, and Comicons, must have this t-shirt.

Artist Bradley Clopton

Printed on Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.

Find the Ladies V-neck version here: Deadly Kitty Ladies V-Neck

Find the Ladies Tank Top version here: Deadly Kitty Ladies Tank Top

Find the Youth version here: Deadly Kitty Youth T-Shirt



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Chuck Hardin 19th Jan 2017

Best Thing Ever Best Thing Ever This Is The Best Thing Ever

Yes, Strong Bad himself would be proud to wear this shirt. It's even in his color scheme!

Chuck Hardin 10th Jun 2016

Gimme Some #@!+&$* Chimichangas!

Badtz-Maru would have been too on the nose, Pochacco might have worked, but the ironic tension between Hello Kitty and Deadpool makes this the best choice for the Sanrio pantheon. Go forth and shoot 'em with cuteness!

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