Cthulhu Presidential Seal T-Shirt

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All that campaigning must have worked. Meet our new Commander In Chief - Cthulhu. All Hail! Support your new president with this shirt

For fans of all that is dark and unnatural, eldritch and eternal, unfathomable and infinite. HP Lovecraft.

 Artist: Aaron Williams

Screen Printed on Navy 100% Cotton T-Shirt, in the USA.


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Susan Simpson 28th Apr 2016

Great gift for my Brother. He Loved It!

I first saw this company on the Girl Genius website. When I saw the Cthulhu shirts I knew I had to get one for my brother. He has worn it 3 times since I got it for him last week and loves it. It fits well and is comfortable. Some people have not recognized the Presidential seal but he enjoys reading it to them. I am already planning my next purchase. Shirts get here very quickly and well done. Thanks.

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