Check out our three brand new t-shirts on the website, or at the next convention.

We’re busy busy busy at OffWorld Designs this month, with all these conventions coming up.

In addition to getting a jump start on all the Gen Con merchandise, we’re preparing for some more immediate shows.

Next weekend will see us at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, in its very first year.

May 14-17:

Then we’re at two conventions the very next weekend.

May 24-26:

ConQuesT 46 -

You can get the con shirt here:

May 22-25:

Fanimecon 2015 -

Fanimecon apparel and souvenirs for 2015 and years past can be found here:

Our newest shirts that haven’t been seen at any conventions will be there.

Here are three of them:

Loved Him -

Friendship -

Motherhood -  Women's