10 Movies the OffWorld Designs Team Can’t Wait to See

Yesterday was the OffWorld Designs Holiday lunch and while we were recovering from the food coma (and maybe a few , we may or may not have falled down a rabbit hole of trailers for awesome movies that we want to see.

Here is what we can’t wait to watch next week and in the new year:

Assassin’s Creed

Plot Thoughts- Time-travel, 15th- century Spain, and a revolution against a secret society. Sign us up.


Blade Runner 2049

Plot Thoughts - Ryan Gosling (swoon) plays a new blade runner who finds himself on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford - also swoon) so he can save what’s left of society from plunging into chaos. Yes, please.



Plot Thoughts - Denzel Washington and Viola Davis take on Washington’s adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning play of the same name. We can’t wait to watch these towering performances.


Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Plot Thoughts- We’re not sure yet, but the trailer has more of Groot so really what else matters?


Hidden Figures

Plot Thoughts - The incredible untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorthy Vaughn and Mary Jackson - three of the brillian African-American women working at NASA to launch John Glenn into space. Smart women and science? Sign us up!



Plot Thoughts - A dramatic restaging of the seven days following the assassination of President JFK with a stunning performance by Natalie Portman. We’re a sucker for this period of history and are preparing our tissues already.


La La Land

Plot Thoughts - Ambition, love, and music. After falling so hard for Hamilton there is no way we won’t be watching this.


Rogue One

Plot Thoughts - Father’s who don’t keep in touch and rebellion - sounds like classic Star Wars to us! We’ll be there (probably a few times, who are we kidding) with lots of popcorn.


SpiderMan: Homecoming

Plot Thoughts - We thought we’d be sick of SpiderMan movies by now, but the sass levels present in the trailer have us eager for more!


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Plot Thoughts - From the guy who brought you The Fifth Element comes the visually stunning story of two interstellar space cops making their way in the big universe. We need this right now.


What will you be watching during the break? No matter what is on your watch-list, we here at OffWorld Designs hope you have a fabulously entertaining holiday season.