Bag of Holding Backpack

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This roomy backpack is perfect for all your gaming needs.

RPG or table top war game rule books, dice, pens, pencils, graph paper, measuring tapes, soda pop, energy drinks, and an extra change of clothes for when those late night gaming sessions turn into all-nighters.


We call it the Bag of Holding in homage to the old magic item of the same name, found and used by adventurers everywhere.


Artist:  Ray VanTilburg

Black, heavy canvas backpack with embroidered original artwork on top flap, embroidered in the USA.


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19th Dec 2014

Bag of Holding Used and Abused

I bought my bag of holding at LoneStar Con 3 and have used and abused my bag. I have put in my binders for work, carried about 30- 40 pounds on average. It has also been washed. I have lost the end tips to strap it down so I just tied knots and carried on. It is starting to fall apart on me so I ordered a new one 12/10/14. I fully intend to use my old one until it literally falls apart. It does its job well.

Rob T 8th Sep 2014

It certainly can hold a lot...

The look of the bag is good and it is sizeable, but it doesn't allow for quickly accessing its contents. The main compartment is controlled by straps and buckles that do not release quickly. There is a top compartment I like that can hold a couple of flat, thin books or perhaps a tablet with a couple of small other peripheral items. The small zipper pouch is good but that's all there is for holding easily accessible things. If you want to pull out something from the main compartment you will have to undo straps and a draw string; not convenient for quick retrieval but just fine if you are not going to touch the contents until you get to your destination. The bag is canvas and well made however. I would use it for packing for a short trip but not for every day commuting to work.

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